Wednesday, July 22, 2009

deer, rabbits, jesus, jesse, stars, cigarettes, and two rocking chairs.

tonight i sat on my front porch in an old rocking chair, like i do most nights (which is fine by me). This night was different though, because jesus came along. i asked him if he wanted to take a seat, and he did. I asked him if he wanted a cigeratte, and he did. i knew i had enough tobacco left for the two of us. he likes drum, as do i. we sat and reflected on my day. the gracefulness of the deer; the timidness of the rabbit. we mentioned how beautiful this is, the simple meadow with a few trees scattered amongst the high grass. the dim stars staring down at us trying to shine as bright as they could through all those damn city lights. they still managed pretty well.. we mentioned how funny jesse is. how she can make us laugh so easily. our cigarettes were finished too quickly as usual. i thought about making another one as usual, but didn't go through with it. i guess he didn't really say anything the whole time. at least not in the language i used. its straight though - no worries. as long as he was there.

he knew i would probably write about this. he also knew as did i, that not many would read it if any. and i think its better that way.