Monday, March 1, 2010


I was in an urban setting driving my truck while looking for a place to park. I turned down a street and parked on the right side. I then noticed that there were people all over this street and no cars. It almost seemed like a recess but there weren't many kids. There was a man sitting in a chair beside me on the sidewalk reading a newspaper. I understood him to be there making sure no one would leave on the street behind us. He seemed to be some sort of person in charge. Understanding that I couldn't park there, I pulled out and continued looking. I found a place to park and began walking into what I knew to be an elementary school. I had my camera bag on me at this point.

As I continued walking I came to a hall, where at the end my eyes met with a blonde haired girl. She was standing in a way that personified "I know exactly what I'm doing." She wore an astronaut suit with her helmet tucked between her left arm and hip. Light came from the right shining over her perfectly and I remember thinking how pretty she looked. I had no time to get my camera out, for she was already leaving. This instance lasted for less than ten seconds.

I was upset for not being able to obtain a photograph of that, but continued walking. I came to the end of the hall where she had stood and turned right toward where the light was coming from. It led outside to a small courtyard (there was no door separating the inside and outside, which I didn't think anything of until I had woken up). In the courtyard, there were oval shaped monkey bars that grew higher until they reached a wall, and seemed to almost keep going as if the wall wasn't going to obstruct their path. There were kids climbing on them heading for the wall. I sat down on a bench and began taking my camera out changing from my 60mm lens to my 11-16mm wide angle. This didn't seem to be a scenario that would create that great of a picture, but for whatever reason I was going to take it. Astronaut girl came and sat beside me, looking at my camera. I noticed she had a Nikon D700 with what appeared to be a 50mm 1.4 lens around her neck. We exchanged glances for a minute or so at each others cameras. She started to pick up my lenses to study them. Once or twice during this I'd look at her face only to see her intently looking at my camera and lenses.

I then woke up.

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