Thursday, March 11, 2010

beer, cigarettes, pistols

I was walking with friends in an urban setting. We went to a bar and my friends left the picture. They didn't vanish but they were out of the picture. I guess they sat somewhere else or something. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. A girl to my right started talking to me casually. We talked for about fifteen minutes, and all I remember her saying is that she can't speak english too well. During this conversation I looked around and got the impression that this bar was exploiting women and it was a little unsettling. At the end of the fifteen minutes she told me that time was up. I was surprised at her saying this, but started to get my wallet out assuming that I had to pay to talk to her. She put her hand on the wallet and told me the first fifteen minutes are free. I thought this was weird, but didn't give it much more thought. I finished the last sips of my beer and headed for the door. She was standing by the door, so I nodded at her politely while leaving. I wanted to talk to her more and I felt she wanted to talk to me but I just left. I wasn't going to pay her. I went around the corner of the bar to what appeared to be a large parking lot. This area reminded me of Pittsburgh. Straight ahead of me was my camera bag, open on the ground. I started talking to myself saying, "this is too far." I was upset for leaving it there. I went over and checked to make sure it was all there and it was. I zipped it up and put it on my shoulder. I then looked over and saw my black chest that I keep everything in open and sitting on the ground. I thought "what the hell" and went over to make sure everything was still in it. It was all there. A stranger came from behind me and asked me if I wanted a pack of marlboro red's. I said, "sure, I'll take a cigarette" and he replied saying, "no, nevermind." I told him I had some money, but he consistently said no. I didn't think much more of it, but then he went over and got on what appeared to be a hand held radio. Next thing I knew he had called over many of his friends and they created a half circle behind me. I backed up and they started going through my black chest. I reached in and grabbed my knife (the one stephanie morgan gave me) and pointed it at them. I tried to intimidate them, but it didn't deter them to any degree. They continued going through the chest and grabbed things I didn't care about. I saw one grab a turtle shell, another grab a twenty dollar bill. They then approached me seeking to fight. I stabbed a few of them. Suddenly, I noticed that somehow this brought a large group of people around to observe. The man that offered me the cigarettes approached a cute girl sitting down in the crowd and began tugging on her purse. She pulled a small revolver from it, and upon seeing it the man backed up. More people started to approach me. The girl came over and put the revolver in my hand. I woke up.

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