Tuesday, March 30, 2010

second dream, right before i woke up

i was walking around talking to tuesday (chelsea's boss, courtney) on the phone and the girl was fairly rude. i was on the phone with her making small talk. she had called me. i was carrying my box with two boxes in it. tuesday had a high pitched voice and was very hard to understand. i was walking in a warehouse that i shouldn't have been in. i came in through the back door and looked around while on the phone. there were two other men in it, who got in through the front. earlier, i noticed them trying to get in the back, or maybe deciding if they wanted to go in the back or the front. i got the feeling they had been here before, but shouldn't be in the place. i left the building and went up a sidewalk (city setting), and i passed through a bus stop. cherisse (who was chelsea) was standing there waiting for the bus. she had lots of blue eye liner on. we talked for a moment or two, and it was a little awkward because of our past. i set down my box, and noticed she was also carrying a cardboard box with some things in it i couldn't recoginize. it was sitting beside her. i told her i was on the phone with tuesday, and then i got off the phone. cherisse's mom walked by and talked with her for a moment, said hi morgan, and then kept going. cherisse asked me if i was gonna go to some event game later, and i told her i didn't know. everything seemed rushed.

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